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News: I’ve been granted by the NUS-USPC Alliance to start the project “Greenut: Green Growth and Urban Utilities development programs in South East Asia: a comparative analysis of Metromanila and Iskandar”. I will co-direct it with Wu Xun, working together with Alvaro Artigas (CERI). I’m very glad and very honoured. It will an amazing experience, to produce high-quality research and innovative education initiatives in an interdisciplinary perspective, with new opportunities for the students of the Sciences Po Urban School master program ‘Governing the large metropolis’ too.


Associate Professor (with tenure) of Sociology at Sciences Po
Researcher at the Centre d'études européennes
Scientific director of the Master "Governing the Large Metropolis"


Tommaso Vitale, M.A. in Political Sciences (1999) and Ph.D. in Sociology at the Università degli Studi di Milano (2003), Certificate of Achievement awarded in the Program for Advanced Study in Comparative Institutional Analysis and Design at the Indiana University, Bloomington, USA (2004). Associate Professor of Sociology at Sciences Po (Paris, France), where he is the scientific director of the master “Governing the Large Metropolis”. His main research interests are in the fields of Comparative Urban Sociology and of Urban Politics where he has published books and articles on conflicts and urban change, on spatial segregation, on social service planning, and on élite and local governance of industrial restructuring. He is a member of the scientific committee of many peer-review series, among others “Globalization, participation, and social movements” (director: Roberto Biorcio) and of the academic peer-review journals “Partecipazione e conflitto. Rivista italiana di studi sociali e politici” (associate editor), "Participations. Revue de sciences sociales sur la démocratie et la citoyennete" (De Boeck). He has been Assistant Professor of Sociology in the Department of Sociology and Social Research of the Università degli Studi di Milano–Bicocca; and visiting scholar at the Vincent and Elinor Ostrom Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis Affiliated Faculty (Bloomington, Indiana University), at the UMR Education et Société (INRP, Lyon) and at the Groupe de Sociologie Politique et Morale (EHESS, Paris).


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Skype: tomvita / Twitter: @VitaleTommaso

+33 1 45 49 83 20 - Office C407.

CV with the complete list of publications


Urban Contention and Social Change or Inertia; Third Sector Lobbying and Political Influence on Large City Government; Roma and Sinti in European Cities; Urban Elites, Governance of De-industrialization in City-Regions and Dynamics of Rent; Forms of Welfare Service Planning at the Urban Level; Personal Networks and Social Integration; Associations and Participation; Islamophobia.


My main research topics

1) Tensions between endogenous and exogenous mechanisms of urban change

2) Structural contexts of opportunities

3) Mechanisms of racism diffusion and legitimation



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- “Conflicts and Urban Change in Large Metropolis. An Introduction to Theories of Urban Policy” for the Department of Sociology of Sciences Po. Master “Governing the Large Metropolis”. First semester 2015/6.

- "Villes et politiques publiques" for the Department of Sociology of Sciences Po. Master “Cycle d'urbanisme”. First semester 2015/6.

- Masters d'affaires urbaines à Sciences Po

- Dix ans de formation sur la gouvernance urbaine



Recent Publication




POLIZZI, Emanuele, TAJANI, Cristina, VITALE, Tommaso, Programmare i territori del welfare. Attori, meccanismi ed effetti, Roma,Carocci, A paraître 2013

LEFEVRE, Christian, ROSEAU, Nathalie & VITALE, Tommaso,
De la Ville à la Métropole. Les défis de la gouvernance, Paris, L'Oeil d'or

MAYER, Nonna, MICHELAT, Guy, TIBERJ, Vincent, VITALE, Tommaso,
"Le regard des chercheurs sur les phénomènes de racsime" in La Lutte contre le racisme, l'antisémistime et la xénophobie, rapport de la CNCDH , année 2013 (2ème partie du rapport, Paris, La Documentation Française, 2014, pp. 157-215

- Vitale T., 2015, Sociologia da programação social: bens coletivos e política da escala temporal na Itália, in « Nau Social », Vol. 6, N. 10, pp. 165-188. ISSN: 2237-7840.

- Mayer N., Michelat G., Tiberj V., Vitale T., La lutte contre le racisme, l’antisémitisme et la xénophobie. Année 2014, Paris, la Documentation Française. ISBN : 978-2-11-0098979.

- Aguilera T., Vitale T., 2015, Bidonvilles en Europe, la politique de l’absurde, in Revue Projet, n. 348, pp. 68-76. ISSN: 0033-088. DOI : 10.3917/pro.348.0068. Version intégrale: Les bidonvilles en Europe: une production politique. Controverses, action publique et effets, e-ISSN: 2108-6648.

- Jacquot S., Vitale T., 2014, Adaptation et réflexivité. Sur les mobilisations juridiques des groupes d’intérêt publics transnationaux européens, in « Gouvernement & action publique », vol. 3, n. 4, pp. 35-55. DOI: 10.3917/gap.144.0035.

- Bruno Isabelle, Didier Emmanuel and Vitale Tommaso (eds) (2014), Statactivism: State Restructuring, Financial Capitalism and Statistical Mobilizations, edited monographic issue, « Participazione e conflitto. The Open Journal of Sociopolitical Studies », vol. 7, n. 2, pp. 198-356. e-ISSN: 2035-6609.

- Bruno Isabelle, Didier Emmanuel and Vitale Tommaso (2014), "Statactivism: forms of action between disclosure and affirmation", in Partecipazione e conflitto. The Open Journal of Sociopolitical Studies, vol. 7, n. 2, pp. 198-220.

- Cousin, Bruno & Tommaso Vitale (2014). "Le magistère intellectuel islamophobe d’Oriana Fallaci. Origines et modalités du succès italien de la « Trilogie sur l’Islam et sur l’Occident » (2001-2006)." Sociologie.

- Jacquot, Sophie and Vitale, Tommaso (2014). « Law as Weapon of the Weak? A Comparative Analysis of Legal Mobilization by Roma and Women’s Groups at the European Level », Journal of European Public Policy. vol. 21, n. 4, pp. 587-604

- Le Galès, Patrick and Vitale, Tommaso (2013). « Governing the large metropolis. A research agenda », Working papers du Programme Cities are back in town, 2013‑8, Paris.

- Socialità, omofilia e povertà urbana [Sociability, Homophily and Urban Poverty], in « Sociologia urbana e rurale », n. 101, pp. 136-49. ISSN 0392-4939, ISSNe 1971-8403. DOI: 10.3280/SUR2013-101011.

- Gouverner la reconversion industrielle dans le Haut-milanais : interrogations sur les processus de représentation et de défense des intérêts territoriaux, Métropoles, n. 12 (with Simone Tosi). 2013, ISSN: 1957-7788.

- Just another roll of the dice: a socially creative initiative to assure Roma housing in North Western Italy in Frank Moulaert, et al., The International Handbook on Social Innovation: Collective Action, Social Learning and Transdisciplinary Research, Cheltenham : Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, pp. 186-196, 2013 (with Membretti, Andrea).

- Conflitti urbani nei percorsi di cittadinanza degli immigrati: una introduzione [Urban Conflicts in Immigrants Citizenship Pathways. An Introduction], in the Italian peer reviewed journal “Partecipazione e conflitto. Rivista di studi politici e sociali”, vol. 5, n. 3, pp. 5-20, 2012, FrancoAngeli Publisher. ISSN: 1972-7623.

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- I sondaggi e il loro uso. Problemi di cecità logica a partire dal caso dei Rom [Opinion Pools and their Use. Problems of Logical Blindness from the Roma Case], in Comunicazione Politica (Com Pol), n. 2/2011, pp. 167-96 (with E. Claps and P. Arrigoni). ISSN: 1594-6061.

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- "Territori e innovazione politica: successi e fallimenti dell’azione conflittuale" [Territories and Political Innovation: Success and Failure of Contentious Action] in Podestà N., Vitale T. (eds), Dalla proposta alla protesta, e ritorno. Conflitti locali e innovazione politica, Bruno Mondadori, Milano, pp. 1-33, 2011 (with N. Podestà). ISBN: 978-8861595286.

- "La partecipazione alle politiche sociali in Lombardia. Arene deliberative e processi di coordinamento" [Participation à la politique sociale en Lombardie. Les arènes délibératives et les processus de coordination], in Giuliana Carabelli et Carla Facchini (eds), Il modello lombardo di welfare. Continuità, riassestamenti, prospettive, Franco Angeli, 2011, pp. 139-58.

- Review of the book Torri R., Vitale T., Ai margini dello sviluppo urbano. Uno studio su Quarto Oggiaro, Bruno Mondadori, Milano 2009 by Deborah C. Santese

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A focus on Italian Urban Sociology

Some papers you can download on Spire

2015 Una nuova occasione per gli studi urbani comparativi in Italia, in « Meridiana », n. 83, pp. 215-228. ISSN: 0394-4115; eISSN: 1973-2244.

2015 Diseguaglianze e discontinuità nel governo delle grandi metropoli. Un’agenda di ricerca, in “Territorio”, n. 74, pp. 7-17 (with Patrick Le Galès). ISSN 1825-8689, ISSNe 2239-6330.

2015 Abitare le contraddizioni,
vincolare l’incrementalismo, Crios. Critica degli ordinamenti spaziali, n. 10, pp. 23-32 (with Giovanni Laino). ISSN 2279-8986.

2013 Socialità, omofilia e povertà urbana [Sociability, Homophily and Urban Poverty], in « Sociologia urbana e rurale », n. 101, pp. 136-49. ISSN 0392-4939, ISSNe 1971-8403. DOI: 10.3280/SUR2013-101011.

Submitted chapter, De l’usage comparatif des « Studi di comunità ». La tradition italienne d’études locales au delà des modèles américains de « community studies », in B. Cousin et al. (sous la direction), Pratiquer la comparaison en sociologie urbaine (with S. Tosi).


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